About Me

I’m a 2012 Jumbo (Tufts University) and a 2016 Tar Heel (Gillings School of Global Public Health at UNC – Chapel Hill) with my MPH in Health Behavior.  I am an extremely passionate person about the issues I really care about- education, nutrition, physical activity, mental health, women’s health, feminism, lgbtq issues, poverty, race relations, and many more. Knowledge, and the pursuit of knowledge, is extremely important to me as well. I read as much as I can whether scientific journal articles, fiction and non-fiction books, editorial articles online, or blog posts written by passionate and inspirational people.

This blog follows my journey, mostly through my travels and endurance races, as I navigate through a world that challenges my ideas of social justice and fairness but at the same time I find filled with beautiful people and places.

My goal in life is really very simple – I am striving to live the life that makes me the best version of myself.


Nutrition: A vegetarian/pescetarian for about 10 years, I decided a couple of years ago that my life was better without dairy as well and now live a plant-based lifestyle and actively try to be more educated about this lifestyle.

Athletics: After playing volleyball, soccer and lacrosse in high school, I kept an active lifestyle throughout college by road biking, spinning at a gym, running, weight training, skiing, and practicing yoga. In the summer of 2011 I raced my first sprint triathlon and in 2013 my first half-Ironman! I ran my first marathon in 2012 and my first ultra-marathon in 2015. In September of 2016 I completed my first full Ironman! I love running the trails near my house, and dabbled for a couple of years in CrossFit. In general I try to stay as active as possible by hiking, running, biking or any activity that lets me take advantage of the space and terrain around me.

A little bit more about me: Dallas, TX is my original home, although I don’t really have an accent so it’s hard to tell sometimes, and as one of six kids, over half of my family is there so I visit often. I love to travel both internationally and around the United States. After Tufts I moved from the northeast down to Asheville, NC where I worked for two years with the Asheville City Schools Foundation. I currently work, run, bike and live in the Triangle after attending grad school at UNC Chapel Hill. Several things are guaranteed to make me happy: dogs, green tea, dark chocolate, and books.

In an over-simplified nutshell I consider myself a plant-based endurance athlete hoping to inspire the people around me to live more active and healthy lives!


2 responses to “About Me

  1. Liz,

    I really enjoyed your blog and I wanted to email you but didn’t find an address. I started a company in 2006 called Gracie’s Gear (www.graciesgearandtraining.com) where we sold sports bra’s and tanks to women with a patented zipper pouch. In 2008 I was diagnosed with cervical cancer and a few months following, my daughter developed an infection in her eye.
    Long story short, I was thrilled to come across your blog. I wanted to in-turn, share something I’m doing right now.

    I’m on Kickstarter trying to kickstart my company. My fight with cancer leaded me to shut my company down. But with the help of friends, fans, and family I’m trying to make a comeback.

    I also wanted to share with you one specific video, from a triathlete like yourself. She’s a huge fan and I think her message would ring true one triathlete to another.

    I hope you enjoy our video and maybe feel compelled to share.

    Thanks Liz! Take Care,


  2. From: Darin Armstrong #TeamLIVESTRONG

    Hello Elizabeth,
    Just a quick email to ask if you would be interested in a ‘mutual’ following on twitter that will benefit you. (#FYI I do RT’s ‘ANYTIME’ for all #Triathletes #Cyclists #UltraRunners #Marathoners #FitnessProfessionals who follow me on Twitter and have something important they want mentioned for support…Over 41K folks at your access…) I am currently following you now and am awaiting your follow-back…

    All the very best for the rest of 2013 & beyond Elizabeth. Look forward to hearing from you…

    (PS. Elizabeth, should you follow back, I’ll be mentioning you ‘Including Your Website’ in a ‘Stand Alone’ #FollowFriday #Shoutout this Friday…)


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