Life recap: an overview of year 25 and a look towards 26

It has been a couple of weeks since my birthday (and my birthday triathlon, more below) but every birthday I like to reflect on the major life events or achievements of the previous year while looking forward to what the next year holds in store. So without further ado, instead of a race recap, here is my “life recap.”

In year 25 of my life I…

Moved from hippie/funky Asheville to slightly less hippie Carrboro, NC.

Started and finished my first year of graduate school and am now over half way to getting my Masters in Public Health at UNC Chapel Hill.

Got into the world of CrossFit through the wonderful people at CrossFit Carrboro.

Crossed a new continent and travel adventure off of my bucket list by biking through parts of Thailand and Cambodia with my friend Lindsay.

Started trail running in full force running races in distances of 10 miles, 20 miles and then my first ultra marathon, a 50k!

I also had a summer filled with family that included various celebrations of life and meditations on loss.

Now I have just taken my comprehensive exams and on my birthday started classes for year two of my MPH program.

What’s in store for year 26?

I have another Blue Ridge Relay and the Beach2Battleship half Ironman around the corner.

I plan to conquer another 50k as well as Uwharrie again, with maybe the Black Mountain Marathon thrown in if I can get into the lottery.

The day after Christmas I’ll travel once again with Lindsay, this time to Peru to hike the Inca Trail to Maccu Picchu!

Next May I hope to graduate with my masters in public health and have my next steps in place.

And between all those plans, I hope to have incredible experiences with incredible people, to live my life authentically and with passion.


In honor of that promise to live life with passion, I completed a “birthday triathlon” last week which consisted of a 2600 yd swim, 26+ mile bike, a birthday WOD at CFC and then a 6.2 mile trail run (which brought me a birthday weekend + actual birthday total of 26 miles of running.) Some friends joined me every step of the way, here are some pictures below!



Kicking off my birthday with a weekend running, hiking, and biking around Asheville after taking my comprehensive exams!


Post 2600 yd swim


Getting ready to ride with some of the gals!


My birthday WOD! Both 6am and 7am classes took part in the burpees!


At the end of our 6.2 mile trail run, bringing me a 4 day run total of 26.2 miles!


Mary running in the woods, this rock star did the swim, bike and run portions with me!


And finally celebrating my birthday with dinner and drinks! (The more normal way!)





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