What am I training for these days?


My first semester of grad school is winding down, (and by winding down I really mean getting incredibly busy, full of presentations and exams, and all in all more difficult,) but I have some really fun things coming up.

First off, in just over a week I’m headed with my friend Lindsay to Thailand and Cambodia for a bike trip! I’m super excited because I’ve been itching to travel for a while and I’ve never been to southeast Asia before, not to mention, biking rural roads along the beaches of southeast Thailand and then to the temples of Angkor Wat is going to be incredible!

My last race was the 8-mile YMCA Turkey Trot in Dallas, TX while I was at my parents’ house for Thanksgiving. It was a nice and easy run with a friend of mine who is training for her first half marathon!


But I have a couple of fantastic winter trail races coming up after the new year, a 10 miler in January and then in early February a brutal 20 miler I got into, it was a lottery race, called Uwharrie Mountain (it also has an 8 miler and a 40 mile ultra.)

With all of this coming up I’ve been balancing my strength training at CrossFit Carrboro, with hitting the trails a few times a week for some wonderful leafy autumn runs, and putting in some time on my bike other than bike commuting (including a random celebrity encounter on a lunch stop at the country store in a neighboring town!) As the weather gets chillier, these rides are leaving my nose increasingly red, chapped, and runny, not to mention leaving my hands dry and cracked but I’ll just be even more thankful for the warmth of Thailand and Cambodia!


It is really nice to have so many great things to look forward to while I’m finishing up my crazy last week of presentations and exams. (Not to mention makes me thankful for my healthy diet, mid-week yoga class, and daily meditation practice!)

Can’t wait to share pictures and stories soon! Happy holiday season everyone and don’t forget it is Giving Tuesday, so give a charity you care about a little love today!


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