The little moments

2014-03-09 09.29.02-1

Big changes are happening on my post grad journey. I have gotten into all four of the Public Health programs I applied to and now have to make a somewhat major life decision about which program to go to and where I’ll live for the next two years. But while I have to make these big decisions, I’ve been trying to really take in the little moments around me lately:

When I’m up really early on a weekend when I should be able to sleep in, but I happen to glance east and see the bright pink sky of a beautiful sunrise.

When I’m driving at dusk and the streetlights suddenly all flutter on.

When I’m running or biking over a bridge and the scene below me is perfectly framed.

Hearing the beep of my Garmin watch and seeing the miles go from single to double digits.

The almost startling silence of an empty trail.

Seeing my bike’s odometer hit another century that I’ve cycled.

Making that perfect cup of tea, and taking that minute to sip and hold the warmth of the mug in my hands.

Seeing someone’s familiar face and remembering where you met them and actually striking up another conversation with them.

When a friend calls, texts, or messages me just because.

When the light filters through the trees and I can see what look like individual rays of light from the sun.

When I look up into the sky at night and the stars give me pause and I remind myself to gaze at the night sky more often.

Those small moments remind me that my journey isn’t just made up of the big milestones, but the day to day challenges I overcome, the bright moments of each and every day and the connections I make to the people and the world around me.

I apologize if this post came across as overly poetic and not enough about my triathlon training or diet, this post is just my little reminder for everyone to take note of the seemingly little things all around them because they really do add up.


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