Off Season Recap- where have I been?

As I start up a new season of triathlon training, I suppose I owe an explanation of what I’ve been up to since the Philadelphia Marathon!

I spent the off-season skiing in Vail, spending time with family in Dallas, lifting weights, starting a new internship in addition to my job, and applying to Masters of Public Health programs. So instead of spending time training for marathons and triathlons I was spending it on other worthwhile exploits!

2013-12-31 14.24.27

Top of Vail Mountain with two of my siblings!

2014-01-02 12.26.14

Powder day in the backbowls!

2014-01-03 11.50.19

Beers in Blue Sky Basin with a Tufts friend!

I’m happy to say that my internship is going well, I’m helping to bring local food projects and programs into local schools in a farm to school program. This week I also heard back from my first grad school and I have been accepted into the George Washington University School of Public Health! (Which means now I get to plan a trip to DC to visit their program!) The skiing was incredible, with family and friends, and I hit a bunch of my weight lifting goals.

To kick off my triathlon season I also took part in the Tour of Sufferlandria to raise money for Parkinson’s research (my Godfather was recently diagnosed.) This nine stage indoor cycling challenge used Sufferfest videos/workouts that could also be done through TrainerRoad. The starting stage was a threshold test, which was how I set my heartrate zones for the perceived rate of exertion scale (PRE) that I used since I don’t have a power meter of any kind (can those things please come down in price! Bikes and cycling are expensive enough!) I couldn’t have gotten through the whole Tour without doing many of the stages with a fellow Asheville triathlete Josh, thanks for all the co-suffering Josh! I admit it was really hard, I don’t think I’ve ever been on my bike nine days in a row, except maybe short bike commutes, let alone on my indoor trainer for that long. I roughly added up that I rode 300ish miles and burned over 6,000 calories over 12+ hours. It was definitely a Sufferfest but we did it!

Sufferlandria setup

Pain Cave setup in Josh’s basement

2014-02-02 12.15.28

Collapsed on my handlebars after the last stage – “Violator”

Now I’m getting back into training, making time for running, biking, swimming and lifting and gearing up for some awesome races!

Right now my race schedule is sort of but not totally set as follows:

I’m getting excited for another triathlon season!


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