An ode to ART, or how I learned to stop worrying and love the foam roller


The Philadelphia Marathon is one week from today, and the reason my latest posts have been scarce is because I wasn’t sure I would end up being able to run this one.

I have struggled in training, not enjoying running because of the pain that my body incurred with each successive run. I was at one speed: slow. And this was all because of the pulled femoral rectus quad muscle that I pulled in the beginning of August in an Olympic distance triathlon.

What has changed?

Active Release Therapy with Dr. Brent Myers! Yesterday I enjoyed my run more than any other run I’ve done in the past three months. Running had been painful. Training for this marathon had been an absolute chore to the point of having to mentally push myself to get out the door.

Last week after four solid ART sessions- which was a combination of active release therapy, chiropractic adjustments, stretching, foam rolling, and strength work- I had so much more mobility in my leg and so much less pain. Yesterday’s mid-distance 12 miler felt like I was floating on a breeze compared to how I had been struggling.

This marathon won’t be easy, and it won’t be a personal best, but I know now that at least I’ll be able to enjoy it!

Oh yeah, and my foam roller, I’ve learned to embrace it more than I had before, devoting a good 10-20 minutes a day to where it really hurts. Take my advice, buy a foam roller and learn to love it!

Less than one week to Philly!

Oh and here are some gorgeous pictures from sunset at Craggy Pinnacle off the Blue Ridge Parkway!






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