I’m a Solemate on a yoga streak!

After feeling pretty great (meaning no pain in my hip/quad) after a half marathon followed by a 15-16 mile run the next week, I can officially announce that I am training to run the Philadelphia marathon on November 17th as a Solemate for Girls on the Run!

I was really bummed out not to be able to coach a Girls on the Run team this season since my new job has me working during coaching hours, but I am happy to say that I can still be a part of and contribute to the Girls on the Run of Western North Carolina community by raising money for girls to participate on scholarships. I’m sure I’ll have a post later outlining Girls on the Run more for those who don’t know much about it but I encourage you to check out our Western North Carolina website.

Here is my fundraising page on Racerunner and my Facebook event page.

And now for my yoga streak!

I’ve been doing 20-30 minutes of yoga every morning for the past six or seven weeks and it is one of the best habits I’ve developed in a long time. It clears out my mind and my body before I even start my day. Because of my job hours being in the afternoon and evening, I don’t do any really early morning runs now and this helps to fill that void with an infusion of energy and breathing meditation to start my day. I love yoga but only go to an actual yoga class once a week because a most of my workout time is devoted to biking, running, swimming and strength work. Developing my own short practice every morning allows me to do a little bit of what I love every day without having to go to more than one hour and a half long class a week.

Additionally, about 3-4 weeks into this practice, I went to my monthly chiropractor visit (monthly maintenance as they call it) to make sure my spine and hips are in line, which is crucial to the recovery of my quad muscle/hip flexor. The chiropractor asked if I had been stretching or doing yoga. When I told him about my 20 minutes of yoga every morning he smiled and said he could tell by how my posture and upper spine had been strengthened from it and told me he was going to use me as an example to his patients for the rest of the day. If just one month made that much of a difference, imagine what my posture and spine strength will be like if I continue?

Do you have a yoga or meditation practice? Is there any great habit that you have developed that you do every single day?


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