Happy Friday! 8 Things I am Loving Lately

I’ve seen this concept on other blogs and realize I’ve been pretty wordy lately, so here it goes!

8 things I’m loving lately, in  no particular order:

1. My new Inov8 running shoes thanks to winning them in a raffle at the Morris Broadband Half Marathon! Haven’t had too much of an opportunity to run in them yet, but I walked around Knoxville in them and went on a quick 30 minute run and they felt great!


2. Collard green rollups: avocado + hummus + seed/nut, all rolled up in a fresh collard green = a healthy and delicious creation! (Related are Swiss chard leaf taco shells filled with pinto or black beans, salsa, and avocado!)


3. Trader Joe’s coconut oil spray! No more melting coconut oil from the jar to toss with veggies before I roast them, such a time saving/easy addition to my kitchen counter!


4. The Pocket app for my desk top and iphone (formally Read it Later) I can tab any blog/article/website I’m reading to this app using an icon on my task bar to read it later, even offline if I need to! (I’m thinking of long articles I can read on a flight!) It’s great for my work productivity being able to file away something to read later.


5. Mangoes. Fresh, dried, or frozen, is it just me or have mangoes gotten fresher and better over the past few years? I didn’t use to love mangoes growing up, thinking they were sort of salty tasting and now I love them!


6. Balega socks: My feet are blister free despite the flood like conditions of the Rev3tri in Knoxville because of these incredible socks!


7. A Year of Adventures from Lonely Planet, with beautiful photographs and organized by month, this book is inspiring me to make more plans for adventures around the world!A_Year_of_Adventures


8. Girls on the Run!

I am so excited for my girls to run the 5k a week from Saturday even though I won’t be able to be there with them! Plus, being on the 5k planning committee with some wonderful ladies has been an absolute joy! If you live in Western North Carolina, please consider joining us or volunteering to help us out!


Happy Friday! What are you loving lately? Racing anywhere this weekend?


2 responses to “Happy Friday! 8 Things I am Loving Lately

    • I love frozen mango, especially just thawed out! Have you tried dried mango? I call it fruit jerky and I have to resist buying too much of it at Trader Joe’s!

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