Less than five weeks till I’m a Half-Ironwoman!

Half Ironman Training update:

With the Olympic distance Rev3tri Knoxville this weekend and Ironman 70.3 Raleigh only four weeks after that, I am really putting in my final big efforts on the bike, in the pool and on runs. Below are a few updates on my swim, bike, run and strength training, and a look at what the next four and a half weeks have in store for me!

For the past several months I have been going to a great 6:30am spin class Wednesday mornings at the downtown YMCA, which I have no started to follow up with a quick 5k run for mini brick training every week. (For those unfamiliar with triathlons, brick training is when you train in one discipline of triathlon followed pretty immediately by another one, stacking your training on top of one another like bricks. Most often bricks are bike to run to get your legs familiar with that transition for race day.)

This past weekend the Asheville area was plagued by constant rain and fairly cool weather, and I was planning to put in a 4 1/2 hour bike ride! Instead of risking getting cold/wet/potentially sick/or crashing on slick roads, I was relegated to putting in over 60 miles on my indoor trainer – listening to several podcasts, watching a couple of TV episodes, catching up on the New York Times on my Kindle and reading/sweating all over an issue of Trail Runner magazine.


I am a little concerned about my lack of open water swimming before the triathlon in Knoxville… since the season is still early and waters around the mountains here are still pretty chilly, I have only been in the pool since last October! That being said though, I’ve been in the pool at least three days a week, which is more consistent than my swim training for past training, and I feel pretty strong in the pool. I’ve been focusing on doing a nice long warm up with plenty of drills before doing the core workout, which at least once a week involves a straight swim of 1,600 to 2,400 yds.

I feel like my marathon and half marathon from the past couple of months has kept me in pretty good running shape, although I haven’t done much speed work (which to be fair I probably won’t really care about when I’m trudging through a half marathon after a 56 mile bike ride…) The Knoxville tri will test if my shorter brick runs have been helping.

My biggest weekend of training will actually be the weekend after next when I have a 100k charity bike ride (including a monster mountain climb towards the end) followed by a 12 mile run and hour and a half in the pool the next day to cap off my longest training week of 16 hours. After that I will be tapering down until Raleigh for a few weeks and will include a couple of fun weekends, one in New Orleans for my little brother’s graduation, and another weekend when my older brother is visiting me in Asheville for the start of Beer Week and the Mountain Sports Festival, including the Rise n’ Shine 5k benefiting Girls on the Run of Western North Carolina!

So to recap, this is what my next four and a half weeks looks like!




raleigh70.3_logoWhat is driving you through the next five weeks? Any cool races coming up?


2 responses to “Less than five weeks till I’m a Half-Ironwoman!

  1. Thanks for stopping by my Facebook page! I’m looking forward to reading more about your journey. I’m also hoping to all “Half Iron(Wo)man” to my athletic resume this summer. I’m going for Racine in July. Please oh please, after you’ve race Raleigh, can you write a guest post for me? I’d love your insights for my Motivational Monday series.

    • I’d absolutely love to write a guest post after Raleigh! How is your training for Racine going? I’ve heard great things about wisconsin races, I’m wondering if I should have gone ahead and signed up for age group nationals in Milwaukee in August, even with the travel and entry fee costs!

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