DIY standing desk and other healthy daily choices

Most likely if read my blog then you also know about the website Greatist which only publishes and endorses nutrition, fitness and wellness advice that has scientific studies to back up the advice. Their thorough research that filters through a lot of terrible advice that exists on the internet, has made their website a fast growing resource for health-minded individuals. Their often repeated tagline/tweet is asking “What healthier choice did you make today?

These are the healthier choices I’ve been making lately-

Standing desk/workstation:

If you haven’t seen this infographic on how sitting is bad for you then check it out. Basically, sitting for more hours than you sleep (which is true for many many desk jockeys who work for 8-9 hours a day and only sleep around 7 hours a night) is bad for us.

I actually just created my standing desk this past week out of an old milk crate and boxes, but I have been trying to stand more for the past few months, only sitting if I had to type a long email or document for work.20130408-183226.jpg

There is an added benefit of feeling grounding and strengthening my feet if I stand in my socks or bare feet, and shifting weight from one foot to the other works my stabilizer muscles in my feet/ankles for much of the day.

Hot/Cold contrast showers:

Yes, I take cold showers and quite enjoy them! Ben Greenfield endorses cold therapy as a part of “cold thermogenesis” for endurance training and outlines his reasons from fat loss to improved blood flow here, summarizing that:

Cold thermogenesis can not only help keep you at a lean racing weight, but also improve your cardiovascular efficiency, your immune system strength, your health and longevity, and assist you with metabolic efficiency, thus enhancing your potential for higher amounts of fat utilization during endurance workouts or races. – Ben Greenfield

I’ve found that either a straight up cold shower, or a hot/cold contrast shower of 20 seconds cold followed by 10 seconds of hot water, for 4-5 minutes after I workout, in the morning, and/or before I go to bed, really helps in muscle recovery. Anyone doing endurance training should give either a cold shower or a contrast shower a try for a week and see how they feel.

Drinking warm/hot water with lemon or apple cider vinegar:

I wasn’t always a fan of lemon in my water, but now I am a convert. Vega, one of my favorite vegan supplement companies, wrote an article titled Top 5 Reasons to Drink Lemon Water. My top two reasons that I drink warm lemon water is the alkalizing effect and the aid to my digestive system. Not only do I like the taste now, but waking up every morning and hydrating and alkalizing my body with lemon water just automatically makes me feel healthier. If I am out of fresh lemons then I use a dash of unfiltered apple cider vinegar, which has the same alkalizing effect and has long been used as a method of detoxification.

What choice have you made recently to lead a healthier life?


3 responses to “DIY standing desk and other healthy daily choices

  1. I missed that article on lemon water, but I’m a big fan of ACV water – so I guess I’m already alkalizing things – yay! And I love the idea of a standing desk, but I haven’t taken that plunge yet. I think I’m more likely to move to an exercise ball first…

    • Yay being alkalized!
      Exercise balls have always looked super cool and are supposed by great for your posture but I’m a girl on a budget and creating a DIY standing desk was cheap (meaning free!)

  2. Awesome. Very creative! I started out with a DIY standing desk myself, but when I realized how much I missed being able to take short sitting breaks– not sitting for long periods of time, mind you, but just short, five minute breaks– I ended up switching to an adjustable height desk from NextDesk. It has really saved my posture and my back comfort overall because it is always at the perfect height just for me (as I can simply push a button and voila– it is at my desired height!)
    If you’re ready to move up from DIY (even though your designs are very clever), I’d go for a NextDesk. Check out their site for more information:
    Thanks for the post.

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