Spring Break Journey to Iceland

Snow covered volcanoes. Glaciers. Thermal hot springs. Lava fields. Waterfalls. Rainbows. Sunrises. An expanse where two continental plates are separating.

These were just a handful of the scenes of natural beauty that I got to see on my long weekend in Iceland that capped off a Spring vacation full of reunions and catching up with friends and family, a fantastic concert, and a fun race.

I also was able to cross off a few items on my “Impossible” List:

  •  Run an obstacle/mud run (Spartan Race)
  • Go on the Golden Circle tour of Iceland
  • Hike on a glacier

Additionally I accomplished some things that weren’t actually on my list:

  •  having drinks in a strip club in a foreign country
  • being unable to pronounce anything except “thanks” in the native language of a country I am visiting (for the record “thanks” in Icelandic is “Takk” which is possibly the shortest word in their dictionary… it is a beautiful language and I tried to repeat some words but it was hopeless)
  • and finding out that Charlie Sheen was in Reykjavik at the same time as me, thankfully I didn’t see him though.

All in all it was a fantastic 10-day span of my life journey that I will remember fondly, and pictures don’t really do Iceland justice, but I tried my hardest!


One response to “Spring Break Journey to Iceland

  1. Great post! I’ve been to Iceland a few times, but I’ve never left the airport. So that doesn’t count. Going for a week as part of my honeymoon. Can’t wait!

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