What’s Next? Renewing Motivation and #RunChat Scavenger Hunt

After I run the race that I’ve been working toward, after celebrating my achievement, and after getting some well-deserved rest and eating a little less cleanly (there is definitely such a thing as vegan junk food…), there comes a moment when I think “okay, what’s next?”

I have the half ironman (Ironman 70.3 Raleigh) that I am training for in June, but for a couple of days I caught myself thinking “what’s next?” I reexamined my training plan and realized I needed some extra motivation for the training I needed to put in- motivation for more long runs, added time in the pool, and long bike rides (some of which will be longer than I’ve ever ridden.)

For more motivation I did a few things:

– Looked for inspiration from other endurance athletes like friends who are running their first marathons!

– Looked for inspiration in the online endurance community (more on that below)

– and… I signed up for a couple more races!

I am now signed up for the Spartan Sprint Race of North Carolina with Team RWB, a half marathon in Dupont Forest (where the Hunger Games movie was filmed) and the Rev3 Knoxville Olympic distance triathlon.

A few athletes I follow, not to mention everyone on Team RWB, dole out inspiration on Twitter and Facebook all the time on amazing personal transformations, incredible feats of endurance and work/life balance, and sometimes just some plain old quotations that make me smile or get me amped up to train and race. Most of these athletes I’ve never met in my life, some of them I follow their blogs so I feel like I know them a little bit, and some might just be retweets I happen to catch while scrolling my feed!

One really cool twitter thing I am taking part of, which is something I’ve never really done before, is a running scavenger hunt contest but on by @RunChat. Below are details from their website:

“Here’s how it will work: you run, you take photos of the items below, you post them to Twitter with the hashtag #RunChatHunt and you’ll be entered to win our prizes.

Here are the items to search for:

A running sticker (13.1, 26.2, etc.)
Bridge (bonus for covered)
A giant hill you’re going to run
Christmas decorations still up
Historical marker/sign
Letters from signs to create #runchat
“Welcome to” state/city/county sign
Water (lake/river/pond)
Trail marker or mile marker
A scene from your favorite place to run”

I know I run past at least 5 of these on a normal day and will gladly stop to take a pic and send it in!

To start, I give you a water picture: Beaver Lake in North Asheville!


After one week of active rest post marathon, I put in a monster amount of training last week! Six hours alone were to take advantage of a beautiful St. Patrick’s Day weekend for 15+ total hours that included over 15 miles of running, 80 miles of biking plus a spin class, and well over 3 miles in the pool! I’ve officially moved into half-Ironman training, I’m motivated, and I can’t wait to stay motivated and inspired by everyone I surround myself with!


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