My Latest Podcast Obsessions

I listen to a lot of podcasts when I am running and biking because I like to learn interesting facts and listen to stories while I’m training! I’ve been listening to a couple of NPR shows like Radiolab and Snap Judgement for over a year now, and highly suggest checking them out for some cool science and genuinely fascinating stories about people.

Recently though I have been listening for a couple of plant-based diet and triathlon specific podcasts in the Rich Roll podcast and Garden Variety Triathlon.

Rich Roll wrote one of my two favorite memoirs of 2012, Finding Ultra, about his plant-based ultra triathlon journey and is currently with his family in Hawaii living on an organic farm learning even more about where our food comes from. His podcast is relatively new and he and his wife are hosting it and some really cool guests. John, of Garden Variety Triathlon, is your average age-grouper Ironman triathlete (if there really is such a thing,) who devotes a lot of time researching the best ways of fueling an amateur triathlete lifestyle while still having a life that includes a wife and kids. He is first and foremost a plant-based athlete with some new ideas he has researched and is applying to himself regarding fats as fuel. (Update, Jon has a new podcast with triathlete Debbie Potts on fat-burning/metabolic efficiency called the Fit Fat Fast podcast.)

The Rich Roll podcast and the Garden Variety Triathlon podcast both had on a recent guest who has significantly influenced the way I look at nutrition and exercise. Trainer extraordinaire and extremely good non-pro triathlete Ben Greenfield has a whole host of resources in the form of websites, podcasts and training programs to become the leanest, strongest, fastest and healthiest athlete you can, as well as how to be achieve significant fat loss – all based on significant science and research. If you are as much of a fitness and nutrition nerd as I am then you will find everything he has to say and all the answers he has to questions ranging from “losing strength as you get older” to “oregano oil’s benefit to athletes” are in depth, scientific, and frankly fascinating.

His website and resources led me to purchase some supplements/products to try out that include a vitamin B12 spray, a magnesium drink powder, going back to taking chlorella tablets (a supergreen algae), and even connecting with a coach from his super human coaching network who is actually a trainer I knew from a gym I went to in Dallas back in high school. I learn something new every time I go on a long drive or put my headphones in for a run, bike or gym session. I highly suggest that even if you don’t want to listen to podcasts that go in depth about fitness, endurance sports, nutrition, etc. to at least check out his website and other resources because I’m sure you’ll find something you like about him, (even if it is just his shirtless demonstration videos!)

I suggest giving any of those a listen and researching some other great podcasts out there like (Vinnie Tortorich at America’s Angriest Trainer or Brett at Zen and the Art of Triathlon) as an alternative to music or audiobooks while driving, running, working out, etc. You never know what you might learn and you’ll start feeling extra productive for learning and driving or working out at the same time!

Do you listen to any podcasts that you would suggest? Or are you more of an audio book fan?

P.S. Check out a couple of the Christmas presents I got, Sennheiser Sport Headphones and a Salomon 21L backpack!



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