100 pushups challenge

In high school I played several sports, lacrosse being one of them. In the run up to lacrosse season our team participated in a program called Performance Course which was a conditioning program three or more days a week that also involved pre and post-tests to show your fitness gains. Of that program I remember a couple of things really vividly, one was that the last day of the course consisted of running 50 40 yard sprints, and the other was that I was the pushup champ of the queen with my team with 81 pushups in a row.

For a 17 year old girl, many people were impressed. But, I had only actually increased the amount of pushups by 6 or 7 pushups, having started in the pre-test with around 75. For some reason I had not been able to really get past that 80 pushups mark.

I had heard about the 100 pushup challenge and decided that was a good goal for me to have and would let me best my 17 year old self 🙂 To help track the number of pushups I enlisted the help of the free 100 pushups application on my iphone. The way this works is you do a pre-test with your maximum amount of high quality pushups, where your form doesn’t drop. You enter in that number and the program will have you start on a certain day in the program. The sets are timed, as well as the rest – I admit that while I didn’t use all of my time or rest time when I started using the app, once I got to 7 sets of more than 30 pushups, I used all of the rest/cool down time!

The most time I spent on these was 13 minutes one morning, otherwise it took me less than 10 minutes, three days a week. For a really cool goal like 100 pushups, that isn’t much of a time commitment! I did make sure that I either did them sometime before a chest and back weightlifting day, whether as my warm up, or earlier in the day.
So did I reach 100 pushups?


Below is a picture of the tracking application which sends a helpful reminder alert on the time and day you specify as your pushup time. It really is a nice achievable goal if you keep up with it three days a week! Next up is a 200 body-weight squat challenge!



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