My impossible list to level up my life!

The list below is based on two “rival” blogs, Joel Runyon’s Blog of Impossible Things and Steve Kamb’s Nerd Fitness. These two guys have done some crazy awesome things that are worth reading about. In my own quest to live a life worthy of a blog, or a book, or a New York Times obituary, I also set my own “badass goals” that I keep updated!


    • Run a 10k
    • Run a Half Marathon [May 6, 2012 Providence, RI; September 29, 2012 Cherokee, NC]
    • Run a Marathon [April 16, 2012 Boston, MA]
    • Run a sub 2 hour Half Marathon
    • Run a sub 4 hour Marathon
    • Run an UltraMarathon
    • Run A Triathlon
      • Sprint Distance [2011 DC Tri; 2011 Amica Boston; 2011 Amica Newport; 2012 Asheville Tri; 2012Amica Charlotte; 2012 Lake Lure Tri]
      • Olympic Distance [2012 King of the Smokies tri; 2012 Rev3Tri Anderson, SC]
      • Half Ironman
      • Ironman
    • Run A sub 24 minutes 5k
    • Learn parkour
    • 100 consecutive pushups [completed 1/11/13]
    • 15 Consecutive Pullups
    • Do 10 Handstand Pushups w/out a Wall
    • Run a Tough Mudder
    • Complete a GoRuck Challenge


  • Visit Every Continent
    • North America
    • South America
    • Europe
    • Asia
    • Australia
    • Antarctica (and go swimming…)
    • Africa
  • Hike the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu
  • The Golden Circle excursion in Iceland
  • Take an adventure trip to New Zealand
  • Ride on the tran-Siberian railroad
  • Bike across Thailand, Cambodia, or Vietnam
  • Climb Mt. Kilimanjaro
  • Go Swimming in Every Ocean [Pacific; Atlantic]
  • Travel For 1 Year Straight
  • Buy and use an around the world plane ticket
  • Obtain dual citizenship with another country


  • Go without internet for a month
  • Go without a car for a month (technically did this for two years in college but that was with my car across the country)
  • Own less than 300 things
  • Sort all clothes into two suitcases, one summer and one winter
  • Create a “Getaway” Backpack

Adrenaline Rushes

  • Go Skydiving
  • Go Bungee Jumping
  • Go Scubadiving
  • Go Paragliding [June 2008 Zermatt, Switzerland]
  • Go Parasailing
  • Surf off the coast of 4 countries [Hawaii, USA]
  • Learn to Kitesurf
  • Bike Across a country
  • Climb a Volcano [Jan. 2009 Mt. Pacaya, Guatemala]
  • Learn Windsurfing
  • Learn to Whitewater Kayak
  • Take a Stunt/professional Driving Course


  • Be an Extra in a Movie
  • Read more than 20 books for fun a year.
  • Write a book.
  • Go to the airport and buy a ticket without knowing where I’m going.
  • Get something named after me.

Events To Attend

  • FIFA World Cup South Africa [June/July 2010]
  • Olympic Games
  • New Orleans Jazz Fest
  • See The Northern Lights
  • SxSw

Renaissance Woman (aka female James Bond)

  • Learn to ride a motorcycle
  • Learn to Fly A Plane or helicopter
  • Play in a poker game with somewhat major stakes
  • Learn Krav Maga
  • Become Fluent In 3 Languages: English; Spanish; Arabic

Future career aspirations

  • Go to graduate school.
  • Become a certified personal trainer or triathlon coach.
  • Get certified in Plant based nutrition.
  • Start an international NGO.
  • Put $100,000 in the bank.
  • Give $100,000 away.


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